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If you have experience working in the catering and hospitality industry, you could be your own boss. Think about it, you can run things your way and you know that all the hard work you put in will be for yourself – not somebody else for a change. You call the shots When you run a Greene King pub, it’s your own business. You call the shots. You won't need loads of qualifications and if you’re not experienced at managing food, it doesn’t matter. We’ll help you get started and provide you with all the training you’ll need. What counts is that you’ve got the right attitude and personal qualities. If you have energy, enthusiasm, the determination to succeed and plenty of ideas, then you should be talking to us. Choosing a pub We have a choice of venues available throughout the country, covering all types of style and location – one of them will be exactly right for you. Most of our pubs have their own accommodation too, so you won’t have a problem finding somewhere to live. On the, for the whole selection. Find out more Use the navigation to find out more about working with Greene King Partners and what’s involved in running your own pub business. Learn about the how it works before moving in to a pub and you’ll also see the support we offer to help you and your business. Find out more

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