Gourmet Burger Kitchen

United Kingdom

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About Gourmet Burger Kitchen

About us

Gourmet Burger Kitchen is all about the burger. We use the freshest ingredients and created classic and innovative taste combinations to make the 'best burgers in town'. Absolutely everything we serve is made to order, so if you want to make the burger your own, no worries, just choose your favourites from the menu and we'll do the rest. Our burgers are at the heart of everything we do, made by our hard working and fun loving staff who share our pride in serving you awesome food, every time. 

Our Founders

One day, in 2001, three Kiwis came together to create a burger restaurant like never before. They wanted to take the humble burger and treat it with the respect it had back home - with quality ingredients and fresh as a daisy. They had some simple rules - always serve the best burgers and have fun. To great acclaim, the first restaurant opened in Battersea, London. Since that day, we've spread the gbk love of food around the UK, from Brighton to Edinburgh. We are proud of our New Zealand heritage and we want our spirit to show whenever you eat at GBK.

Our Food

Burgers may seem simple but we go to extraordinary lengths to make sure gbk is the freshest and the tastiest out there. Our beef patties are made with nothing but lovely 100% West Country beef simply seasoned and cooked fresh to order everytime. Our burgers are served in a soft sesame seed bun. Want to go naked? The bunless option replaces the bun with mixed leaves, homeslaw, tomatoes and onion. Renowned chef Peter Gordon is a legend at gbk (and across the world) and he has helped us from day one in creating awesome recipes for our burgers. Our homemade dipping sauces are made everyday from scratch in each kitchen and we know you can tell the difference. We are proud of what we do and our kitchens are on view, so take a look at us either cooking your food to order or making sure they stay spotless. One thing you will never see is a microwave.

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